How to Remove Malware from WP-Admin/Images Folder in WordPress

author: Brad Gardner

(Semi)Quick fix for an infected WordPress install.

Disclaimer: This article involves removing (corrupt) files from a WordPress install.  Although the method described worked for this instance there is no guarantee that it will work for you.  Use only as a reference and seek professional help if you’re not comfortable with this, thanks.

Recently, a website that I Admin for was getting content “injected” through a backdoor of some sort.  I was made aware of this problem two ways: Read the rest of this entry »

New Qwodtech Icon Design

qwodtech metal logo

I am hoping to get some helpful and constructive critiques on a new icon-type logo for my business that I designed.  I wanted something sharp, clean, eye-catching and easy to conform to a square area.  This is the design I had when I was finished with a couple hours in PS CS5.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts or ideas to make it better, thanks!

How to Remove index.php From Your New Magento Store

magento shopping bag

Written by: Brad Gardner

You’ve got a shiny new store but the URLs still contain /index.php?!

With the new version of Magento v. this is a quick fix, let’s get started.

  1. Log into your store and under the top menu select System>Configuration>General>Web Settings Menu.
  2. Expand the Search Engine Optimization section.
  3. Then change Use Web Server Rewrites from NO to YES.
  4. Be sure to save your settings by clicking Save Config in the upper right.magento save config button

That’s it! If you click around on your site you should see that your URL structure is now something like:

Have you had any other similar issues with URL structures in Magento?

Crucial Volusion SEO Tip For Proper Canonical Links

written by: Brad Gardner

Use canonical tags on Volusion store home page to improve your Volusion SEO.

It is important to use Canonical Tags on your home page URL to ensure that your site is getting full SEO credit on search engines.

If your home page does not have the canonical tags, then and will be considered duplicate content, and your store’s SEO value may will be divided between the two different URLs.  This is an easy check to make sure your Volusion SEO store canonical links are enabled…

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2011-2012 NY Giants Super Bowl Champions Wallpaper | Manning, Cruz, Nicks, Manningham



2012 NY Giants Super Bowl Wallpaper - Manning - Cruz - Nicks - Manningham

Click Here for Full Size Widescreen Wallpaper

The New Google+ SEO Authority Guide | How to Easily Set Up Your Content “Authorship”.

Google+ is weighing in big time on Google search results.  The importance of having an optimized site that includes the data Google needs to properly spider your site is no longer in question in my opinion.  Both Authorship Verification and Content Verification rich snippets are very important to include on your blog enabled website.

 In this article I’ll make it easy for you to properly set up content authorshipRead the rest of this entry »

NY Giants 2011 NFC Champions Wallpaper

Updated the Giants wallpaper to reflect their 2011 NFC Championship win against San Francisco 49ers.  Big Blue is Super Bowl XLVI Bound!  Download this free NY Giants 2011 NFC Champions wallpaper and display your Big Blue Wrecking Crew pride!

NY Giants Victor Cruz Wallpaper 2011 NFC East Champs!

Had to make another wallpaper for NYG #80 Victor… Cruuuuuuuuzzzzz!!!

Click Image to open full size wallpaper, then Right Click>> Save as, set it as your Desktop.  Go GIANTS!!!

UPDATE: Added a few additional sizes…

1024 x 768 Click Here

1280 x 1024 Click Here

NY Giants 2011 NFC East Champions Wallpaper

I’ve been looking around online and just have not been able to find a suitable NY Giants wallpaper, So I made one myself!

Hope you like it!

Leave comments or suggestions below…

NY Giants 2011 2012 NFC East Champions Wallpaper

Click Image to open full size wallpaper, then Right Click>> Save as, set it as your Desktop.  Go GIANTS!!!

Easily Market and Promote your eCommerce Items Directly on Facebook

Volusion is excited to announce a fantastic addition to their award-winning ecommerce platform, Social Store. Read more to learn how Qwodtech can help you use this innovative new Volusion tool to market and promote your items directly on Facebook!

Volusion Product Update: Social Store

article via:

Completely free for all store plans using V11, Social Store allows you to extend your online business to over 700 million Facebook users by marketing and promoting the items of your choice. Better yet, you can design the look of your Social Store, promote your Deal of the Day and even provide a discount to customers who “Like” your Facebook Business Page!

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