written by: Brad Gardner

Use canonical tags on Volusion store home page to improve your Volusion SEO.

It is important to use Canonical Tags on your home page URL to ensure that your site is getting full SEO credit on search engines.

If your home page does not have the canonical tags, then www.yourdomain.com and www.yourdomain.com/default.asp will be considered duplicate content, and your store’s SEO value may will be divided between the two different URLs.  This is an easy check to make sure your Volusion SEO store canonical links are enabled…

If (and you SHOULD) you implement the canonical tag for your home page, you are instructing search engines that the .com URL is the main landing page for your site, and all SEO values will be sent to the .com URL (instead of the .com/default.asp URL).

Take the example below…

volusion seo setup

in this example, my client’s Volusion store has 240 landing pages.  Of those 240 pages 28.4% of visitors reach the main URL, but notice the 2.0% that are landing on the /default.asp page.  Although this page looks the same to the visitor the site’s main page SEO weight suffers.

Simple Fix!

To fix this, navigate to your Volusion SEO settings in your Volusion dashboard:   Home > Marketing : SEO

volusion seo example canonical

To enable Canonical Link for the home page URLs just check the box highlighted above.

Always make sure “Enable SEO friendly URLs” is checked and verify “Enable Canonical Links” is also checked.  Don’t forget to click SAVE at the bottom for the changes to take hold.

Following these simple steps can impact your Volusion SEO results and is well worth the 45 seconds it takes!

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What are your ideas on Volusion SEO best practices?