Recently, I finished up a website redesign project for Eastern Energy Solutions.  They are a fast-growing, leading energy contracting & consulting firm in NY State.

They came to me looking to do three things:

1.  Update the old .html/flash code to better reflect their fresh and professional image

2.  Make their website easier and more appealing to navigate

3. Remove the outdated flash components that weren’t rendering on some mobile devices (increase device compatibility)

This was a rather large project due to the large amount of content and case studies we added to the site.

Below is the original website:

Website redesign example Eastern Energy Solutions

Original Eastern Energy Solutions website

I completely rebuilt the website working closely with Kris and Travis on creating the specific look and feel they were looking for.  With the incorporation of a dynamic slider, light colors, clear fonts and images I was able to create a website they were thrilled with.

Their finished website:

Eastern Energy Solutions after our redesign

Eastern Energy Solutions after our redesign