Golf courses are finding that reaching out to the new generation of golfers requires speaking their language.

More specifically, engaging with them on Facebook and social media.

Bobby Jones facebook

If Facebook was around then, Mr. Jones would have been all over it…

This article I came across in PGA Magazine addresses this new need for golf courses to revise their digital strategy.

Here’s a snippet:

Traditionally, golf has been dominated by older, more established players with the time and money to invest in the game. However, there has been a movement in recent years to bring younger Americans into the sport through junior clinics and programs, as well as a variety of new golf equipment and apparel designed specifically for juniors. And with the help of Golf 2.0’s “Drive New Players” strategy, many PGA Professionals are joining the movement to reach outto the next generation of golfers in essence, their future club members-by sponsoring youth events, devoting retail space to junior products and using social media to enter their comfort zone and make golf fun and relevant.

“If you want to engage junior golfers and grow your junior golf program, you have to do what they’re doing. Nowadays, you have to be on Facebook. You have to have a Twitter account,” says Will Reilly, a 20-year PGA Professional who last year joined The PGA of America’s national staff in the newly created position of Junior Golf Development Manager. “Traditionally, golf professionals wanted juniors to come to them. Nowadays, you have to go out and get them because they have so many other things in their life. And you have to reach them on their terms – the way they reach each other.

“Our message is, ‘Embrace the technology.’ If you do that, you will create a buzz about your golf program.”  

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