WordPress Maintenance and Support Plans

What it Includes:

• Updates: WordPress usually rolls out major updates throughout the year and minor updates roll out as needed. There are also updates for themes and plugins, which are much less predictable.  It’s important to have your site updated to avoid hacks and improve features, stability and usability of your site.

Backups: Sites should have a backup plan that fits with their needs. A site with lots of content updates might want a database backup once a day at a minimum and a full backup weekly. Sites with fewer updates might not need such frequent backups, but they should still have regularly scheduled, full-site backups that are stored off-site.

Security: Monitoring security and ensuring full recovery is a big task. I offer basic security, monitoring, updates and more. I am proactive and keep your site(s) safe, but if anything happens I’ll provide the fixes as well.

Other Services: Includes 1 hour of tech tweaks per month. It could be coding, design, writing, SEO improvements or even training or support.



There’s a lot to know about the services I offer.

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, just contact me.