Nowadays more and more users are finding your website on a smartphone mobile device.

The numbers are steadily increasing and Google is penalizing sites that are not mobile-friendly with a drop in rankings.

Google was the first to implement this into their search algorithm and recently Bing has followed suit with their search results.  In short, As Mike Gingerich puts it, “Basically if your site is not easy to use and navigate on a mobile device, your rankings may be going down.”

What are a few of the key factors to becoming mobile-friendly?

  • Correct font size on a mobile device:  Usually 16px or larger.
  • Change all scrolling to vertical and eliminate horizontal scrolling altogether.
  • All menu and navigation buttons should be easily found and able to be selected with one finger.
  • All content should load appropriately and outdated formats (such as Flash) should be updated.


If you’re not sure your website is mobile-friendly or not, contact me for a free website evaluation.

The shift to a more mobile-friendly web continues and businesses should be making the necessary changes to update their websites to a modern, mobile-friendly design.